How Art Creates a Children’s Book That Revives in a Ballet Performance

Children’s book – Planet Earth “Chrysselia and The Robot”

“Chrysselia and the Robot” is Stavros Ditsios’ first attempt at writing a children’s book, a fairy tale providing younger and older readers with multiple messages concerning the intersection of nature with society’s technological advance.

How easy is it for love to defeat the greed of modern man? In the simple words of a fairy tale, we travel through the eyes of Chrysselia, a little girl in a magical flower garden. In this place, where nature and her purity struggle to survive from the vanity of technology obsession, the question is who will win.

The artist Stavros Ditsios provided the illustrations, scenography, and direction for the fairytale to be dramatized and presented as a classical ballet performance by the Ballet School by Eva Fevgidou. The adaptation of his unique fairy tale turned out to be a real crowd puller full of emotions touching young and old. The enthusiasm of the visitors became audible right at the beginning. Already in the first part, the little young ballet dancers from the well-known Ballet School by Eva Fevgidou were welcomed with thundering applause. After their touching performance accompanied by vivid visual and dramatic sound effects with a full house at the Royal Theatre in Thessaloniki, all participants received standing ovations which proved the great success.

Got curious? You still have a chance to read the book or watch this touching performance in the links below:

The Children’s book adapted to a classical ballet performance by Stavros Ditsios Planet Earth “Chrysselia and the Robot”, it is now available in the bookstores IANOS

Planet Earth Book

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